Photo Booth Upload software overview

Photo Booth Upload has so many features for photo booths and photo activation of all kinds. Photo Booth Upload allows any photo activation to offer slow motion video, green screen photo, green screen video, light painting, animated GIFs, social media, and more!

You can choose either a Pro or Basic license. Basic licenses are perfect for users looking for more simple photo booth features which are used at smaller scale private events. Pro licenses are recommended for cutting edge owners interested in the progressing technology available in a photo booth, to be used at corporate events, festivals, and specialised private events. The Pro license has extra features including slow motion video, light painting, morph, and the capability to pay by credit card. All licenses include GIFs, green screen, facial recognition printing, slide show, photo strips, and social media sharing.

We use Photo Booth Upload with our Expo Pods!

Follow the link for up to date pricing and if you choose to buy!

Photo Booth Upload features

People can create multi-frame animations with green screen backgrounds, custom logos and then instantly upload them to facebook, twitter and email.

From slow motion video to a client’s logo, you can load an unlimited number of custom backgrounds and let the guests select their own environment. The ‘smart placement technology’ means that every photo is picture perfect.

Using photo booth upload and our custom light painting tools, guests can draw in mid-air with light and see their creation come to life in real time. The final product is branded and can be printed and uploaded instantly to social media.

Their photo booth upload records 5 second video clips of your guests dancing, jumping, throwing confetti and shooting off streamers then instantly transforms them into ultra slow motion videos, easily uploaded onsite to email, text message or twitter.

Photo Party Upload integrates seamlessly with Photo Booth Upload to handle all of the social media integration at events. Photo Party Upload is a powerful tool that lets your guests post their photos, GIFs, and videos to email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Instagram directly from your photo booth or from a nearby tablet.

Just like Instagram, our software allows the guests to add a photo filter to their photo using the touchscreen interface.

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