Why should I set up a photo booth business?

How many weddings have you been to, had fun in the photo booth, laughed at your prints and had a chat with the happy booth attendant? He’s happy because he’s thinking about the profit he’s making and what he’s going to spend his easily earned cash on!


Great return on investment

Buying your booth is a relatively low investment and it won’t take long for you to be in profit as it is easy for you to quickly set up and run your own lucrative hire business. Head over to the investment calculator! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the equipment you will need so you don’t have to do the hard work, just click here…!


Ongoing costs are low, profits are high

You’ll need to buy paper, ink, USB sticks and fuel for your bookings and the rest is profit. Low outgoings give you a higher profit margin so you could potentially make more than £300 a night. Even more if you take corporate bookings.


Booming industry

Photo booths are proving to be more and more popular, events are disappointing without them so all you need is a website to promote your packages and show off your photos and the bookings will come rolling in. Booths are more portable than ever before (check out our Expo Pod ) so they’re easy to transport between events and some can even be left unattended. Photo booths are not dying out, they’re evolving.


Expo Air Selfie 360 

Be your own boss

Having the freedom to work your own hours is a massive bonus. You can choose when you take bookings and fit them in where you want them. As a self-employed business owner you’ll have the freedom to make executive decisions that will affect the future of your family and career in the long term.  Your income potential is limited only by your own willpower and proficiency. When you consistently perform well you reap the benefits. Your income gradually increases, and as a result you feel a much greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

When you work every day and perform designated tasks for someone else, things can get boring, whereas the degree of spontaneity involved in operating a business independently can allow for much more excitement and enthusiasm. You are in a position to take the opportunities that life has to offer.


You don’t have to be too technical

Anyone can pick up the basics of setting up a booth, you don’t need to be a pro photographer and the software is simple to use. Just experiment with the settings initially, once you’ve got them mastered it’s a piece of cake. You don’t need any experience!


Additional income source

Why not integrate a booth into your already successful business? A DJ who can offer a booth as part of their package is even more appealing, their package is more valuable and so is their profit margin!


Keep growing

Run your own events at first, learn how everything works, enjoy the profits and then when you’re ready to reap the rewards you can hire it out. Then you buy a 2nd booth and hire that out too. Why stop there…?


Book an appointment to come and see us in our showroom and check out our lovely collection of booths or click here if you’re ready to purchase!



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