Sparkbooth software overview

Sparkbooth is a user-friendly software that is easy to download and install. Prices start from $59 but be aware that the personal license can’t be used for commercial jobs and is missing a lot of features. It can only be run using a webcam as can the Premium License for $119. If you choose to pay the full $159 for the DSLR version you can use a Canon or Nikon camera and access all features.

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Sparkbooth Features

Custom Keepsake

It has several different photo size choices and customisable features. You can select a theme from the layout library or use your own background photo. Place a logo or message on the screen.

Be Social

You can automatically share your photos online and the built-in upload option make it seamless to post on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networks.

For Every Occasion

There’s a variety of themes and photo layouts for any occasion.

Touchscreen Enabled

Use touchscreen controls like start button, change photo layout, or on-screen keyboard instead of using a keyboard.

USB Button Enabled

You can replace the keyboard with an USB button, or any hardware to emulate Sparkbooth’s keyboard shortcuts.

Green Screen

Sparkbooth supports green screen You can choose from their library of backgrounds or add your own.

Printer Enabled

Set up Sparkbooth to automatically print photos. You can prompt guests whether to print and select number of prints.

Photo Album/Kiosk

You can allow your guests to browse, print, or share photos on Facebook or Twitter.

Voice Prompts

Choose from a variety of voices to walk your guests through the photo taking process. Or use your own mp3s to customize your own voice prompts.

Email Enabled

Sparkbooth can email photos to your guests. They just enter their email addresses, and it sends the photo using Postmark, SendGrid, or Mandrill email services.

Works Offline

If you’re at a venue without internet then photos can be queued for upload later when there is internet access. Emails can be collected and then photos emailed later.

Custom Share Links

Businesses can customize the share links for photos posted to Facebook and Twitter with their own name and website. Requires Commercial license.

More Facebook Likes

With a Commercial license, you can display a Facebook Like dialog for their Facebook Page. A great way to increase your Facebook marketing reach to your customers.

More Twitter Followers

Expand the reach of your Twitter marketing by enabling the automatic Twitter following. So your customers can stay up to update through your Twitter account. Requires Commercial license.

Drag-and-Drop Layout Editor

Use the visual drag-and-drop layout creator to create or customize photo layouts/templates.

Social Media / Print Kiosk

Premium users can create a separate station to allow guests to view, share on Facebook or Twitter, email, or print photos from your photo booth. Just point the kiosk to your shared folder in your photo booth.

Build Your Mailing Lists

Sparkbooth can integrate with MailChimp, and prompt for email addresses to submit to mailing lists.

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