Replacing the print media in the Mitsubishi D70 Dye Sub Printer

We use the Mitsubishi D70 in all of our booths! Our preferred supplier for the printers and print media are DLK who are based in Ireland. Photomart and Richard Frankfurt Photographic also supply them for similar prices.

The easiest way to learn how to change the print media in the D70 is to watch our video but we’ve made sure all bases are covered so here are the written instructions too if you get stuck.

How to attach the spacers

  • Insert the spacer with the paper flange’s stoppers retracted.
  • Turn the spacer until the latches are locked.




  • When you remove the spacers from the paper flanges, follow the above procedure in reverse.
  • Attach the supplied paper flanges to both sides of the print paper.
  • When you pinch the latches on the paper flange, the stoppers retract into the shaft.
  • Attach the flanges to the print paper with the stoppers retracted.
  • Make sure that the flanges are attached to the print paper securely, and release the latches.

Do not remove the sticker on the print paper roll yet.

Do not loosen the paper roll. Any slack in the print paper may degrade the print quality.

When placing the print paper, keep the print paper upright.

Fingerprints or dust on the paper’s surface may degrade print quality and cause

paper jams.

  • Press the POWER switch on the rear panel to turn on the power.




  • After the POWER indicator’s colour has changed from orange to green, press the OPEN button to release the printing unit out.
  • Remove the paper strip bin and then pull the knob to open the door.




  • Install the print paper into the unit.
  • Place the printing paper in the correct orientation.
  • Make sure the paper roll is firmly installed.

Do not push down on the printing unit or the door.

  • Load the paper roll slowly into the unit. If it is dropped along the ditches, the unit or accessories may be damaged.
  • Remove the sticker, insert the print paper between the roller and guide as shown right, and feed the print paper until the buzzer sounds. Make sure to insert the paper straight.





Buzzer continues to sound until the printing unit is closed.

Keep the rollers clean. Dirt on the rollers may produce poor print quality.

When taking the print paper out, pull it up toward you by holding the paper


  • Turn on the power before replacing the print paper.
  • Eliminate any slack from the print paper. If you carry out the following steps without eliminating the slack, the print paper may be damaged.


After installing the print paper, load the ink ribbon in the ink cassette then

install the ink cassette into this unit.

Before installing the ink cassette into this unit, Place the ink cassette on a flat surface, when loading the ink ribbon.

Dust or dirt settling on the ink ribbon results in poor print quality.

Make sure that the shafts of the ink ribbon fit into the ink cassette firmly.


Load the ink ribbon in the ink cassette as shown below.




  • Load the ribbon in the correct position.
  • Make sure to set the ink ribbon roller to the ditches firmly.
  • Turn the shaft to eliminate any slack.
  • To insert the ink cassette, align the protrusions on both sides of the

cassette with the right and left guides inside the printing unit and slide it in a slanting direction.

  • Mount the ink cassette to the back firmly by holding the handle.

Do not touch the thermal head.

Fingerprints or dust on the thermal head will degrade the print quality.

Do not touch the thermal head right after printing because it is

extremely hot.

  • Push the printing unit to close.
  • Close the printing unit by pushing the right and left sides of the unit from the front with both hands.

When a new paper is loaded and the printing unit is closed with the power turned on, the paper will be automatically fed and cut.

  • When closing the printing unit, push it until a click is heard.


If the PAPER RIBBON indicator illuminates when the printing unit is closed, the

print paper may have not been installed correctly.

In this case, open the printing unit to make sure that the print paper has been

installed correctly. Then close the printing unit again.

When the paper roll is reinstalled more than three times, the print paper may be used up earlier than the ink ribbon.


Installation of the print paper and the ink ribbon is completed.


Important tips!

Make sure to replace the print paper and the ink ribbon simultaneously.

Empty the paper strip bin frequently to prevent jamming the strips at the print

outlet. Whenever you replace the paper and ink ribbon, make sure to throw

away the paper strips in the paper strip bin.

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