Reakt Photo Booths, from the beginning…

Our photo booth story

From hobby to profession

Hi, we’re Adam and Glen, (Glen’s the tall one)

Like many people we were bored of our normal 9-5 jobs.  We researched far and wide for ideas to set up a small business that could earn us extra money at the weekends to pay for holidays for our young families.

We stumbled upon the photo booth industry through a friend of a friend and after calculating the return on investment we decided this would be a good chance to earn a bit of extra cash.

Back in 2011 there weren’t many photo booth suppliers in the UK and certainly none that we felt confident enough to purchase from so we thought about building our own booth.  We sourced some of the best components in the market and after much trial and error and a lot of imagination we built our first photo booth and set up the company Bam Booths Ltd.

Our first photo booth event

The booth was assembled, the website built and a Facebook page created.  It was time for our first event…  Adam and Jennifer were happy to share their big day with us, they were our work friends and our first paying customers. The pressure was on with lots of people watching us set up but people had never seen a mobile photo booth before so they were interested to know what we were building and eager to find out how it worked.  Everyone loved the photo booth and the events kept rolling in week after week.

Building the photo booth business

After building our first booth it was only 12 months before we had another 2 and some part time staff to work with us.  We looked after our customers and they loved our service.  Our first corporate customer was British Gas and that was another eye opener to the industry and how big the market could be.  We carried out over 400 events per year and wanted to expand the business.

Jumping in with two feet

The time had come to give up our full-time jobs and set up manufacturing the booths people loved.  We had a wonderful opportunity to establish a company that offered the best possible solutions to the photo booth industry.  T3 Photo Booths was formed and we have never looked back. Offering the best possible service every new photo boother needed, we also helped many people set up their own businesses.

Party like its 2017!

Our products have developed, we have new websites and a fresh marketing direction.  We’ve massively expanded our staff team and are now distributing our photo booths worldwide to an ever expanding industry. It’s been an exciting journey so far, we’re looking forward to evolving even further.