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Social Booth is very popular among photo booth professionals worldwide and we use it in all our Expo pods, Oval booths and Selfie pods. The software is really easy to set up and offers pretty much every feature you could want from a photo booth software program. Simply plug in your webcam or DSLR camera and go. You’ll be creating photos, videos and animated GIFs in no time. Everything can be also shared via Facebook, Twitter, Email & SMS, it’s a social media explosion! Even if you have no internet at your event it’s not a problem. Uploads can be queued offline and sent when you’re back online.

To buy the license which can be used on 2 computers currently costs $299

Click here for up to date pricing and to buy Social Booth.

Photos, Videos & More

One software, so many uses

Social Booth works with Canon DSLR, Canon Powershot or Webcam. Run it as a standard photo booth to print photos. Set it up as a Video Booth, Slow Motion Booth or Animated GIF Photo Booth. Shoot with Green Screen or Filters. Run it as a Twitter Wall. Create a retail photo booth to accept credit cards or cash. Create Surveys and upload everything to Social Media. Social Booth is the only Photo Booth Download you need for any occasion.

Easy to Use

The easiest photo booth software there is

Select your camera and Go. It’s that simple to start using Social Booth. Setup is a piece of cake. Adding your own print templates? Customizing the backgrounds? Swapping out audio prompts? No problem. Everything is right in the open for you to easily configure.

Quickly set up multiple events in advance and have your operators load them on site without them even needing to see the settings. Load your previous settings to make event creation a snap.

Upload & Share

Share photos, videos and GIFs from the booth

Social Booth allows users to share their photos via a wide variety of social media options. Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS & Pinterest are all supported. Also upload photos in the background to your own company Facebook page, Twitter profile, Smugmug account or FTP site. No Internet? No problem. Queue up Emails, SMS, Client Facebook and Client Twitter uploads so you can send them once you are back online. Learn more about their Social Media Photo Booth.


Make your booth unique

Social Booth comes with it’s own set of user interface graphics, so you don’t really need to change a thing, but if you want to make your booth stand out, you can easily use your own backgrounds, buttons and audio prompts. This even makes using Social Booth with other languages a snap. Check out some of the photo booth ideas from customers have become great features.

Social Booth is an easy to use do it yourself photo booth software.

Animated GIF Photo Booth

Silly but oh so fun

Create your own Party Photo Booth! Animated GIFs are now more popular than ever. Give users the choice of uploading a still photo or Animated GIF, or skip the still photos completely and set up Social Booth as an Animated GIF booth. You can even create Animated GIFs with animated overlays! Combine Green Screen photos with animated backgrounds to make truly eye-popping GIFs. Users can upload and share their GIFs to Social Media and still print their still photos.

Here is a link to learn more about their Animated GIF Booth.

Advanced Photo Booth Filters

As well as the standard, Colour, Black & White, Sepia and Vintage Instagram style filters, Social Booth also has advanced filters like Cartoon, Sketch, Night Vision, Cross Process, Comic Book, Thermography, Pixel Art, Mosaic, Lite Brite and Warhol filters.  These filters let you create truly unique photo booth template styles and they look cool when applied to Animated GIFs

Surveys & Marketing Data Collection

Photo Booth Marketing

Collecting valuable marketing data is fun for users and easy to setup. Create any questions you like with our built in surveys. Collect and then export photo booth marketing data into a spreadsheet for easy access or into your favorite CMS for remarketing. Surveys will be completed nearly 100% of the time as the user cannot post or export their photos until the survey is complete. Collect email, Facebook and Twitter usernames, answers to custom survey questions, and more. Learn more about photo booth marketing.

Video Hosts

A unique photo booth experience

Use video hosts at your photo booth with Social Booth. Use the built in host or create your own and define cuepoints to trigger the camera and external devices like LEDs and wind machines.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Get more likes, share more hashtags

Social Booth helps you get more likes for your client’s Facebook page by asking users to like their page before they upload. And, by inserting your client’s hashtag in Facebook and Twitter uploads, you can promote their social media outreach with every upload.

Photo Booth Cloud

Drive more traffic to your website

Social Booth is the only photo booth software to offer a cloud storage feature that integrates directly with your website. Simply place a widget on your site and users will be able to enter a unique access code from their print that allows them to share their photo on social media and even purchase reprints directly from your site! Learn more about Photo Booth Cloud.

Contest Mode

Promote your brand

Run contests at your photo booth with Social Booth. Create a “golden ticket” template that randomly prints for users to win a contest or giveaway.

Contest mode gives your photo booth the ability to run contests for giveaways at your photobooth. Learn More

Commercial Photo Booths

Create a retail photo booth

Social Booth can easily integrate with a variety of commercial interfaces. Use bill validators, coin acceptors, credit card swipes to collect payments.


Touchscreen, Keyboard & USB Button Enabled

Free your photos

Social Booth is optimized for touchscreen use. But you can use it in non-touchscreen setups as well. You can use a keyboard & mouse, or even use built in triggers to control it with USB buttons.


Social Media Kiosks

Add Photo Booth Connected for more uploads

Social Booth integrates easily with Photo Booth Connected to allow you to use Social Media Kiosks away from the booth. Use a PC, laptop, all in one touchscreen PC, Windows tablet, iPad or Android tablet, and offload the lines at the booth. Plus as an added bonus, you save $100 when you buy Social Booth & PBC together!


Slow Motion Video

Catch the new craze

Social Booth can be used to create a slow motion video photo booth. It will record 60fps slomo video with a Canon t3i, t4i, t5i or SL1. Choose the speed of the slow motion video playback for the best effect. Social Booth photo booth software is also a full functioning video booth. Great for parties and business events as well.

Check out some more features of their video booth software.

Face Morphing

Unique Animated GIFs

Social Booth can create face morphing Animated GIFS!

Meme Booth Sports Card Booth

Type on photos to personalize

Social Booth lets you type on your photos to add personalized data or create Internet memes. Check out how easy it is to create face memes!

Light Painting

Social Booth also supports light painting. With a combination of DSLR and webcam, users can see a live preview of themselves as they are painting.

Marryoke, Lip Sync, Dubsmas

Social Booth lets you produce lip sync videos for Marryoke and Dubsmash events.

Magic Mirror Features

Create your own Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Social Booth now comes with built in Mirror Booth features. Use the built in Attract Mode and Video Host Animation, or supply your own to create a Mirror Booth. You can even sign the photo at the end of the session!

Display a Remote Photo Booth Slideshow over Chromecast

Running a slideshow on an external monitor is easy but running one on a giant screen across the room would be much more difficult if it wasn’t for Social Booth’s Chromecast Slideshow feature and a Google Chromecast device which will allow you to wirelessly transmit a slideshow to a remote TV.

Top Notch Support

 Free Support!

Sometimes the quickest way to learn photo booth software after downloading is to dive right in and start trying all the features. This is always recommended as photo booth software these days are pretty intuitive. However, there will be times where you are stuck or want to try something advanced. This is where support comes in.

After your photo booth download, you will have access to support documents, how to videos, support forum, and live support. Check out our easy to navigate and vast photo booth support section.



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